These dogs exemplify Excellence in Temperament and Conformation  that is the Foundation of  the Total Doberman.
We're  proud of their owners' dedication to making them the best they can be.

CH. Alpha's Fun And Games, CGC, RA
and Tracie Johnson  

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Alpha's Black Irish, CD, RE
"MILO" and Paulette Hicks

Alpha's Ruffian CD, RN, OA ,NAJ
"NIKKI" and Carol Witt
Alpha's Wild Irish Rose CD NA NAJ TDI
with Anne Morressey

.CH Alpha's Harlem Nocturne CD RE TDI
Getting a workout with Ivan

Owned by Stacy Perry

Also The THERAPY Dog
CH Alpha's Simply Irish CD, RA, TDI
and Joanne Cook
BISS, AM, CAN. CH Alpha's Satin Doll CD, ROM,TDI
and Susanne Smith
Alpha's Lady's Secret
Owned by Toby Doe
Winnie's Out Of The Blue, CD, WAC,TDI
"WINNIE" and Susanne
IN Loving Memory of "WINNIE"
CH Alpha's Take Five CD 
Owned by Barbara Kups
Alpha's Remmington, CD  
Owned by Barbara Kups
Alpha's PeanutButter Cake,CDX

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Not Pictured

Cabobs Magic Fire v Alpha CD RA TDI
and Lisa Mallory